Double-Bill Screening: Unreported World Zimbabwe and Israel

Screening Monday 25th June, 2007


At a critical point in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Unreported World travels to the West Bank and discovers that ideologically driven Israeli settlers are expanding their hold on the land. As tensions escalate, the prospect of more widespread conflict across the West Bank is growing by the day.


Evan Williams and Director Siobhan Sinnerton spent three weeks undercover in Zimbabwe to report on the current economic and political crisis. They found a hungry nation living in fear of President Robert Mugabe’s increasingly vicious political repression.

Travelling as tourists and ducking the scrutiny of Mugabe’s pervasive intelligence organisation, the  team met white farmers, members of the political opposition, average families struggling with 2000 percent inflation, child headed households suffering from the AIDS pandemic, victims of police torture and women activists imprisoned with their babies.