Double-Bill Screening: Unreported World Jamaica and Cape Town

Screening Monday 15th October, 2007


While tourist brochures show smiling locals living in paradise, Unreported World reveals a country where thirty per cent of the population are trapped in crime ridden slums, and uncovers allegations that political parties are arming and funding violent gangs in return for votes.

The team visits the gang-divided city of Kingston where gun crime is rife and a wrong turn onto somebody else’s patch can be a death sentence. There they meet some of the gang members who rule the capital’s streets.

Kingston is also the city where more than 155 people have been shot by police officers this year alone. The team see the immediate aftermath of one such incident where locals tell them that the police execute gang members instead of arresting them.

Cape Town

Cape Town is the darling of the jet set; the backdrop to fashion shoots and a tourist mecca. But as Unreported World reveals, behind Cape Town’s ultra-glamorous image, it’s now South Africa’s murder capital; gripped by the devastating effects of a highly addictive drug which is tearing the city’s fabric apart.

Methamphetamine – locally known as “tik” – is driving a crime wave which has more than doubled in 12 months in Cape Town’s squalid townships and is quickly spreading to the richer neighbourhoods. They also find that the addiction is spreading to schoolchildren in affluent districts.

A report that highlights the breakdown of the apartheid-enforced separation of South Africa’s races, through a highly addictive drug and a wave of crime and murder.

Directors: James Brabazon and Paul Kittel
Total length: 50 mins