Disinformation Nation

Talk ONLINE EVENT - Thursday 7th May, 15:00hrs GMT

The dark art of using disinformation to sow discord is nothing new, but social media and political funding simply mean that  false news now travels faster, deeper, and further than ever before.

From Cambridge Analytica to voter manipulation in the 2016 US Presidential election; from alleged Russian interference in the Brexit referendum to the growing influence of bots on social media, and a surge of conspiracy theories around Covid-19 circulating around the globe, seemingly no-one is now immune.

Join our panel to discuss what can be done to identify, filter and counter this modern architecture of disinformation.

Carole Cadwalladr is an award-winning journalist for the Guardian and Observer whose work with whistleblower Christopher Wylie resulted in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg being called before Congress.

Ben Nimmo is Senior Fellow for Information Defense at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) who specialises in the analysis of patterns of online disinformation and influence operations.

Jane Lytvynenko is a journalist with BuzzFeed News based in Toronto who investigates online misinformation. Her work focuses on the spread of fake news and the rise of hyperpartisan posts on online platforms.

Moderated by Elizabeth Palmer