Cuba at 50 Screening: Personal Che

Screening Friday 9th January, 2009

Followed by discussion with Micheal Channon (Roehampton University)

Personal Che, directed by filmmakers Adriana Marino and Douglas Duarte,
is a film that has Che at the centre but examines not the history, but
rather how this man continues to be re-interpreted by many around the
world in ways that would probably surprise Che himself.

Many films have been made to bring the life of Che, the man behind the myth, to the screen. Personal Che
is an exploration of the legend, not the man. The film finds the legend
is alive today in the people who re-interpret Che and his legacy;
people who resurrect him in very unexpected ways.

We find out
what Che means to the Bolivian peasants who view him as a saint, the
Chinese rebel legislator in Hong Kong, the Cuban father in search of a
role model for his children and bizarrely a German neo-Nazi lobbying
for the overthrow of democracy in his own country.

The film also features interviews and analysis from Che biographer Jon Lee Anderson, Christopher Hitchens and Jorge Castaneda

Length: 87 mins
Directed by Adriana Marino and Douglas Duarte