FULLY BOOKED Crossing the streams: is PR becoming more like journalism?

Talk July 14, 2010 7:00 PM

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They’re supposed to be opposite ends of the spectrum: journalists report the news, while public relations professionals try to influence them.

Not any more: blue chip PR firms are hiring journalists more than ever before to help their clients create their own text and video content – with online publishing, PRs don’t always need mainstream media channels to tell their story.

So how different is PR from journalism these days? Is this trend a concern for people who value editorial and commercial independence, or is it just a sympton of a shrinking, fragmented mass media?

Joining us to discuss this are:

This event is part of our monthly On The Media series of panel discussions, in association with the BBC College of Journalism.

N.B. Richard Sambrook had to cancel his appearence due to work commitments; he sends his apologies.

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