Watch Jane Bussmann live at the Frontline Club on Fora TV

April 30, 2010 7:00 PM

Jane Bussmann book cover2.jpg Frontline is delighted to welcome comedian, scriptwriter and journalist Jane Bussmann to the club for a special one-off comedy night.

Jane Bussmann has covered the LA highlife as a journalist and written for TV shows including Smack The Pony, South Park and Brass Eye. Her book The Worst Date Ever tells the story of how she moved to Hollywood to write movies, but found herself reporting from Uganda on the “war crime of the century” – with the aim of making an attractive foriegn correspondent fancy her.

Her Bussman’s Holiday show – a sell-out at Edinburgh Festival¬†–¬†comes to the club for one night only.

Here’s what people are saying about Jane’s Book:

  • Sunday Times: “Imagine The Last King of Scotland written by Shazzer from Bridget Jones’s Diary, and you’d still only get halfway to appreciating Jane Bussmann’s funny, incongruous and artlessly perceptive account”
  • Arthur Smith: “Ballsy, deranged and hilarious. Jane Bussman’s ludicrous quest had me laughing on every page”


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