Frontline training

May 12, 2008

Twitter’s quicker debate over

The BBCs Rory Cellan-Jones wonders whether Twitter has come of age with the earthquake that struck Sichuan province in China this morning, Let’s see, as this story unfolds, whether this is the moment when Twitter comes of age as a platform which can bring faster coverage of a major news event than traditional media, while […]

April 8, 2008

Social media news tracking

Georg Blume of Germany and Kristin Kupfer of Austria left from Lhasa train station in the early hours of Thursday March 20th. In so doing they became the last two foreign journalists to leave Tibet after being forced out by the Chinese authorities. “If they don’t have anything to hide, then why are they making […]

August 31, 2007

Watching you, watching them…

…watching us, being watched… Nicolas Henin, a participant at a Frontline Club video training session, freaks out at all the cameras in Paddington – it’s for the terrorist threat, innit – and makes a film about it and edits it at the club. FWIW – the music’s a tad loud. I’d quite like to hear […]