Climate Change: the forgotten crisis?

Talk May 18, 2010 7:00 PM

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What has been the impact of ‚"Climategate"?  What is the way forward after the release of hacked emails from staff at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research triggered such fierce debate about the science behind climate change? What does the science really tell us and what are the challenges facing journalists and scientists in covering the issues?

Join us at the Frontline Club in association with the Global Campaign for Climate Action and Communications INC, where we will discuss the aftermath of "climategate" and examine the  roles played by science, politics and the media.

With a distinguished panel we will be taking stock of the issue of climate change and also asking what comes next in the wake of climate conference in Copenghagen?
Is there a way to re-energise the debate and re-engage politicians and the public and what will be the consequences if the preservation of our world remains a niche issue rather than a core one?

With: Julian Rush, science correspondent, Channel 4 News

Kelly Rigg, executive director of the Global Campaign for Climate Action; Richard Black, environment correspondent for the BBC News website and author of BBC Earth Watch and James Randerson, editor of