Capturing Conflict: Tortured Truths (House of Journalists)

Screening Friday 4th September, 2009


We are screening Tortured Truths as part of our Capturing Conflict Film Festival which showcases a selection of the most important films about the risks journalists and filmmakers take in order to get their stories out.

Tortured Truths is the story of La Maison des Journalistes, a Parisian refuge for persecuted journalists from all over the world who have suffered torture, prison sentences and death threats because they dared to express themselves freely.

Director Christine Garabedian carefully extracts personal stories from some of the refuge’s inhabitants including an Iraqi poet punished for writing about love and reconciliation amongst his countrymen, a political cartoonist from Burma and a Cuban investigative reporter. What they have in common is that they all fled their home countries fearing their lives merely for speaking out.

Tortured Truths raises important questions about the safety of local journalists who are so often forgotten by the Western media.

Length: 24 mins
Directed and Produced by: Christine Garabedian