Canon News Conference: How to make great films, get them noticed – and commissioned

Talk Thursday 9 November 2017, 09:30 AM - 04:30 PM

Tickets £20 (includes refreshments and light lunch)


This conference is aimed freelance camera operators and photographers. The idea is to explore how to produce first class video and make it relevant today. We will be looking at the latest trends in broadcast, online and social video, storytelling, explore how to pitch your ideas and get them commissioned – and discuss the very latest innovations in filmmaking.

This is a practical day of tips and advice to help freelancers and aspiring filmmakers succeed in the industry. There will be a series of presentations, masterclasses, demonstrations and panel discussions.

An introduction to video in 2017

David Hayward will give and introduction to the state of the video industry in 2017. He’ll discuss the latest trends in video from the broadcast, online and social media perspective.

Video Storytelling Masterclass with Vin Ray

An introduction to video storytelling. Moving from the basic elements of television and video packaging through to the most sophisticated scripting techniques to help you improve your storytelling. Vin Ray will explore how everyone, from newcomers to experienced professionals, can improve their films and storytelling.

Pitching masterclass with Pervez Khan

The skill of successful pitching is an art form. You need to understand exactly what commissioners want and how to sell the story, the concept and the film to them. Perez Khan is an award winning the documentary series producer and renowned filmmaker. He will guide you through the pitching process and how to get your films commissioned.

Meet the commissioners – panel discussion

The first session of the afternoon is an informal panel discussion with some of the key commissioners from the broadcast and online media industry. We will look at the stories they want, the type of films they are commissioning at the moment – and how to pitch your ideas to them

Creating and telling a story across a multi-platform – with Tom Jenkins, The Guardian

Tom will discuss how he developed and pitched his ideas for stories and bringing them to fruition with The Guardian on Line video, text and in print.

 Innovation, Filmmaking and where next for video with Dr David Dunkley-Gyimah.

In this keynote address, Dr David Dunkley Gyimah will look at the ways video journalism and filmmaking are developing through technology and creative innovation. He will discuss the latest storytelling techniques, the future of the industry and how the most inventive videos are being produced in 2017.