Bang Bang Bang: a special preview reading at the Frontline Club

September 20, 2011 7:00 PM

A seasoned human rights defender and her idealistic young colleague embark on a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. For Mathilde it’s an induction into a life less ordinary. For Sadhbh it’s back to madness and chaos away from her lover and London – exactly as she likes it.

But while Mathilde lets off steam with a photographer and a spliff, Sadhbh has her own encounter: tea with a smart, brutal young warlord she’s investigating. Or is he investigating her?

A special preview reading of Bang Bang Bang, which is coming to the Royal Court Theatre in October.

Writer Stella Feehily:

“We interviewed aid workers, doctors, human rights defenders, government advisers, journalists and photographers.  In many organizations we found the majority of humanitarians to be female. The industry – and it is an industry – is buoyed by the benevolence of women.

Stella Feehily’s previous work includes Dreams of Violence (Soho), Catch (Royal Court), O Go My Man, Duck (both Out of Joint/Royal Court) and Game (Fishamble). She was a co-winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Award in 2006 for O Go My Man.