Are the Taliban winning?


Live streaming video from the Frontline Club events room tonight. Just click the image above to go to the live channel page at 7.30pm UK time, 11 June. Taking part will be Alastair Leithead (BBC), James Fergusson (journalist and author), James Appathurai (NATO), John D McHugh (photojournalist) and Mawlavi Abdulsalam Zaeef (Taliban)

The British death toll in Afghanistan has now reached 100 as the cost of the war spirals ever higher. Suicide attacks are on the rise and President Karzai narrowly escaped a recent suicide attempt as the security situation continues to deteriorate. As the insurgency appears to be spreading from the south to the central and northern regions we ask if the Taliban are gaining the upper hand?

Please feel free to add your own questions and observations to the live chat channel on the video site. The moderator will be handed questions when the discussion is opened to the floor. And fellow bloggers… feel free to embed the live stream by clicking the embed button under the main video and copying and pasting the code into your blog/website. See you later.
UPDATE: The archive of the discussion can be found here.