Alan Cowell in conversation with Charles Glass – The Paris Correspondent

Talk May 9, 2012 7:00 PM

Join us at the Frontline Club for an evening with Alan Cowell as he discusses his latest novel and the real life stories that inspired it with broadcaster, journalist and writer Charles Glass.

A long-time correspondent for the New York Times in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, Alan Cowell previously worked at Reuters, achieving the distinction of being the last correspondent to date to file by carrier pigeon.

Now heading the New York Times web-based breaking news operation in Paris, it is the shift from print to digital news that provides the backdrop to The Paris Correspondent, his second novel.

The book follows Ed Clancy and Joe Shelby, both reporters for The Paris Star, an English-language newspaper based in French capital. Having survived reporting from war-torn countries they now find themselves under attack from something very different to enemy fire: the Internet and 24-hour news cycle.


Alan Cowell, a senior correspondent for The New York Times based in Paris. He is also the author of A Walking Guide: A Novel and The Terminal Spy: The Life and Death of Alexander Litvinenko.

Charles Glass, a broadcaster, journalist and writer, who began his journalistic career in 1973 at the ABC News Beirut bureau and was chief Middle East correspondent from 1983 to 1993. Since then, he has been a freelance writer, regularly covering the Middle East, the Balkans, southeast Asia and the Mediterranean region. He has also published books, short stories, essays and articles in the United States and Europe.