Afghanistan Perspectives

Talk Tuesday 3rd November, 2009

The Frontline Club is bringing together five experts who will discuss their perspectives on Afghanistan, a country at the centre of the world’s attention.

Gretchen Peters author of Seeds of Terror: How Heroin is bankrolling the Taliban and Al Qaeda,
based on hundreds of interviews with Taliban fighters, smugglers, and law enforcement and intelligence agents. The book examines how the Taliban funds its activities with the half a billion pounds it earns every year from the opium trade. 

Horia Mosadiq, activist and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in Afghanistan and the region, in the fields of media, human rights, transitional justice and gender issues. 

Robert Shaw, currently the Director of Longbow Solutions, a specialist consultancy company in strategic stability operations including security and force protection. In 2006 he was the UNDP lead technical advisor to a disarmament project in Afghanistan coordinating the efforts of the UN, CSTC-A and US State Department with regard to Small Arms abatement and reclamation and Explosive Ordnance Disposal including Counter IED. 

Nick Fielding former senior reporter for the Sunday Times, author of Masterminds of Terror (together with Yosri Fouda) and Defending the Realm: MI5 and the War on Terrorism (with Mark Hollingsworth) and Editor of the blog Circling the Lion’s Den: A glance at the conflict in Afghanistan. 

Sam Kiley, author of Desperate Glory and award-winning foreign correspondent who has covered wars and insurgencies, of one kind or another, for the last 18 years in over 30 countries. He worked in print for many years before moving on to make television documentaries for Channel Four, BBC2, and Sky One.


Photo by Munir Squires on Flickr through a Creative Commons Licence