A Good Day To Bury Bad News

Talk ONLINE EVENT - Thursday 21st May 1500 BST

The phrase “good day to bury bad news” originates from the September 11 attacks, but it is just as relevant today amid growing concerns that an alarming number of autocratic governments are exploiting Covid-19 to seize new powers. Environmental disasters and famines are being under-reported as lockdowns prevent access to journalistic scrutiny. Protests no longer in Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon, little news of the latest battles around Idlib, or the thousands held in squalid prisons across Syria. Join us to discuss some of the news stories drowned out by the pandemic.

Panel Moderated by Elizabeth Palmer
Mikhail Fishman, Russian journalist and television presenter.
Lina Sinjab, BBC correspondent based in Beirut.
Bill Frelick is the refugee rights director at Human Rights Watch.