FULLY BOOKED: 2009 World Press Freedom Day Debate: Controlling the International Media in War- Are governments winning the Battle?

Talk Friday 1st May, 2009

Our understanding of conflict is shaped by the images and information we receive, making far-reaching and penetrating journalism crucially important. Yet in every conflict, from the recent war in Gaza to the protracted conflict in Sri Lanka, all sides seek to use the media as a weapon.


From overt intimidation and violence to censorship justified by reference to national security, are governments winning the battle of controlling the international media? Do recent conflicts demonstrate that governments are becoming increasingly effective in dictating the terms of coverage? Or has the rise of new media and changing journalism practices kept the information flowing from behind the front lines?

As we mark UN World Press Freedom Day, our panel of experts debate the success of governments in controlling coverage of conflict and turbulence.

The debate will cumulate in an audience vote on the motion “Governments at war are winning the battle of controlling the international media".