Frontline Club Georgia - June 2014


In 2010, a permanent Frontline Club venue was set up in Tbilisi to host screenings, panel discussions, workshops and press conferences. Inkeeping with the Frontline Club’s aims, Frontline Club Georgia actively supports independent journalism in the region and promotes a critical engagement with international affairs and the media. The Club in Tbilisi has rapidly developed into a highly respected and independent forum for open discussion, where journalists, students, academics and those interested in current affairs come together to discuss social, political and cultural issues that matter for Georgia and the wider region. Frontline Club Georgia is run with the administrative support of the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), a non-governmental, non-profit educational institution.

Contact Anca Dimofte or Nino Museridze for more information about Frontline Club events in Georgia. Address: 62 Lado Asatiani, Tbilisi, Georgia