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Saving Darfur: Everyone's Favourite African War

savingSMALL.jpgAfrica is a continent riddled with conflict. Most are forgotten wars that rumble away unnoticed for years. Darfur is different. For five years an unlikely coalition of the religious right, the liberal left and a smattering of celebrities has kept Darfur's bloody conflict in the headlines. Rob Crilly, East Africa correspondent of The Times, arrived in Sudan in 2005 to find out what made Darfur special.

He found a conflict very different to the one popularised by the Save Darfur movement. This was no simple genocide being carried out by Arabs against black, African tribes. Along the way he rides with rebels on donkeys, gets caught in a Janjaweed attack and learns lessons from Osama bin Laden's horse.

Saving Darfur: Everyone's favourite African War will be published on November 10 by Reportage Press