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Save to Rename Itself Dave and Return to Darfur

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Three expelled charities are still in talks to go back into Darfur, according to Reuters. I find this whole thing ridiculous, as I've posted before. The three agencies are Mercy Corps, Care and Save the Children (US). There are good reasons for returning of course: the agencies can gain much-needed publicity and funding. With 10 other agencies expelled, there will be 10 additional sets of funds to carve up to. Taking over Oxfam's water and sanitation projects, for example, would generate millions of pounds alone.

There are one or two conditions that would apply of course...


The UN humanitarian chief John Holmes confirmed the reports and told Reuters he was aware of the negotiations involving the U.S. aid groups, calling it a “practical way forward”.

“The government made clear that while they couldn’t reverse the decision they had taken to expel the 13 international NGOs. If NGOs turned up with new names and new logos they had the possibility to be welcomed back again,” Holmes said.

“Some of them are taking advantage of that and discussing how exactly that would work” he added.

I understand that Save is considering becoming "Dave". Mercy Corps is to become "Omar al Bashir is Great" while Care is working on "Helping the Janjaweed to Get a Fair Hearing" (I made that bit up).


Denise Hughes | June 10, 2009 9:56 PM | Reply

Yes, indeed this does seem ridiculous! Charities are supposed to be about helping people, but so often they spend so much time worried about where the next chunk of funding will come from or what the next winnable campaign could be to move them ahead. All they really need to do is remember how to make a difference and do it.

Rob Crilly replied to comment from Denise Hughes | June 12, 2009 11:21 AM | Reply

And, I've been speaking to aid workers today and it seems there's a huge divide between those working in field and their headquarters. Those who have experienced Khartoum's harassment reluctant to go back - admission of guilt, how long before they are kicked out again, how can they restart programmes, Kht's position vindicated etc. Head offices however are driven by fundraising.

A lot of anger at the decision here

What do you think?