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Somalia Bombings

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Bombs in Hargeisa and Bossaso. Suicide bombings and choice of targets makes it look as if Islamists behind it. Info circulated to NGOs: Reports of multiple explosions in Hargeisa. Initial unconfirmed reports indicate 3 car bombs:
  • UNDP office site - 3 killed - 8 wounded
  • Elections Commission – Multiple casualties
  • Ethiopian embassy reports indicate catastrophic damage.
Bosasso – reports received of Vehicle borne improvised explosive device detonating against Puntland Intelligence Service – Multiple casualties
  • Secondary device detonated in close Proximity to PIS secondary office
There has been lots of talk about Islamists attacking Puntland. Aweys is desperate for revenge against Adullahi after al Ittihad defeated there in the 1990s. And the targets in Hargeisa - Ethiopian and UNDP (responsible for channelling millions of dollars to Mogadishu security forces and their warlord bosses) - are also hated by Islamists. UPDATE My guy is telling me that the Shabaab - the Islamists' hardline wing - was behind the bombings. They moved in explosives two months ago. Training began nine months ago.

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