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Kenji Nagai shot dead in Rangoon

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What appears to be footage of the Japanese photojournalist, 50 year old Kenji Nagai shot dead on the streets of Rangoon yesterday. Nagai was working for the Tokyo based APF video and photo agency. Killed for taking photos of protesters and soldiers. Here is an emailed tribute to Kenji Nagai on ko htike's blog,

On behalf of the Burmese people I salute the courage of Mr Kenji Nagai, a Japanese journalist employed by the APF Tsushin based in Tokyo, who scarified his life whilst recording media footage of gun shots to educate the global citizens. link

UPDATE: Japan seeks the truth behind Kenji Nagai's death,

Japan may suspend humanitarian aid to Myanmar once it has established the facts behind the killing of a Japanese photographer during anti-government protests, the top government spokesman said on Friday... ...Photographer Kenji Nagai, 50, was shot dead on a Yangon street on Thursday. Pictures smuggled out of the country showed him taking photos with a small camera even as he lay dying... Quoting embassy doctors who examined the body on Thursday, Machimura said the bullet that killed Nagai had passed from the right side of his chest through the heart and back. link

UPDATE: 23:17 Paris time - more footage of what appears to be Burmese troops carrying away the body of Kenji Nagai. UPDATE 09:16 29 Sept, 2007. From The Hindustan Times,

Foreign Minister Nyan Win offered apologies, Kyodo news agency said on Saturday... The death of Nagai "was extremely regrettable and we will lodge a stern protest," Japanese officials quoted Komura as telling Nyan Win, Kyodo said. Nyan Win told Komura he was indeed sorry for the death, telling Japanese officials: "Demonstrations are beginning to calm down, and we would also like to exercise restraint," Kyodo said. link


Abhilash | September 28, 2007 9:30 AM

A salute to Negai...who brutelly killed by the burmese copes.

Michael Tan - Photographer | September 28, 2007 4:39 PM

My condolence to the family of Kenji Nagai. His passion and love for photography will leave in our hearts forever. God bless.

What the Burmese government had done cannot be condone for. Yet they have the guts to critize other country news on false reporting of this case. Noone in this world can bring them down if they didn't do anything wrong.

May United Nation be able to step in, rectify this act and bring forth those who are guilty to be justified.