Witness expands into citizen journalism

Witness, the human rights organization co-founded by Peter Gabriel, launched an online community portal last week aimed at encouraging citizen journalists out there to pick up their cameras and bear witness.
The move is evidence of how journalism is becoming incerasing blurred with activism in the ever-expanding multi-media world.
The Hub is aimed at encouraging people around the world –activities, journalists, students, organizations and the public – to witness and document human rights violations using video.
The online tool is capitalizing on the huge importance of the internet as an information channel and as an enabler for reportage.
The Hub allows people to publicize events or situations violating human rights using hand-held cameras or mobile phones. They gather material, upload it onto the Hub, and then tell viewers what they can do to help raise awareness of the problem and create change.
The interactive platform is intended to galvanize action on human rights situations and encourage media advocacy.
It features material from countries all around the world and you can search problems by region or by rights issue.
You can check out the video on the idea here and sign up to start posting here.
Witness is an international human rights organization that uses video and online technologies to try to raise awareness of human rights violations.

By Deborah Bonello

Deborah Bonello, a.k.a MexicoReporter.com reports in video, words and photos to an English-language audience. She is currently developing her own video programme MRTV and freelances for the British media from her base in Mexico City. She believes in the power of the internet to change, not destroy, the media.

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