#safetystream for freelancers

Our first #safetystream took place at the Frontline Club on Tuesday 22 October with the Frontline Freelance Register and the Rory Peck Trust.

In a series of live-streamed panel discussion, freelancers and experts delivered safety tips and guides for freelancers working in conflict zones on risk assessment, communications plans and digital security.

Photo: Emma Beals (@ejbeals)

You can watch each stream again and find links to all the resources discussed here on the Frontline Freelance Register website.

The first talk, chaired by Elisabet Cantenys, Head of Programmes at the Rory Peck Trust, was between freelance journalist and filmmaker James Brabazon and Steve Cook, Director of Media Support and Operations at TYR Solutions. They discussed the benefits of risk assessments, described as “your best way of helping yourself in advance of needing assistance”.


The second talk on communication plans was chaired by Max Riley-Gould, a researcher and writer at the Rory Peck Trust. He spoke to James Brabazon and Emma Beals, freelance journalist and interim board member of FFR. They covered the method of drawing up a plan, and when and what should be done if you fall out of contact in a crisis.


In the final talk, chaired by Andrew Lyons, Digital Producer/Project Manager at the Rory Peck Trust, Kim Pham, a digital security consultant, and Runa A. Sandvik, Developer, Security Researcher, and Translation Coordinator for the Tor Project, discussed digital and mobile security. They covered the importance of learning how the technology you will be using works and understanding when you will be vulnerable as well and the tools available to protect yourself.


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