Pirates of the Indian Ocean

I thought it might be instructive for any students of journalism who read this blog to detail my typical interaction with one of the foreign desks for which I work.
FD: Good morning, Foreign.
ME: Morning. You are probably no doubt sick of pirates…
ME: …but I wondered whether you might have noticed the Ukrainian vessel
ME: that has been hijacked with a load of tanks on board and would like a piece today.
ME: I could wrap in the latest fighting, the fate of the suspected pirates held in France and the fact that the Canadian frigate is staying on to escort food supplies into Mogadishu.
FD: Yes please, give us as much as you can. Bye.


  1. Rob, what do you make of the rumor of an Iranian ship making pirates extremely sick for some mysterious reason?
    (MV Iran Deyanat)

  2. I heard this too. It may or may not be true. I stopped trying to stand up rumours about Somalia a long time ago. It only ends in madness

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