MSM moves qik-ly for once

In an earlier post, I echoed Steve Outing’s assumption that mainstream media would be characteristically slow to adapt to and adopt the potential of live video from mobile phones.
So it was a surprise and a pleasure to read about the Sacramento Bee using Qik to capture the procession of the Olympic torch through San Francisco. As reported in

US newspaper The Sacramento Bee has been using mobile phone technology to relay video of protests against the Olympic torch procession, in San Francisco, in real time. By using Qik, a technology that allows live streaming from videophones to a flash player embedded on a website or blog, reporters were able broadcast moving images as events unfolded – effectively replicating a live TV news service at a fraction of the cost and with the flexibility to move freely and quickly.

Excellent work.

By Kyle MacRae

Kyle MacRae is a journalist and member of the Frontline Club. He founded Scoopt, the world's first commercial citizen journalism picture agency, in 2005. He sold the business to Getty Images in 2007 and worked there for a year as Director of Citizen Media. Here, through slightly jaundiced eyes, he surveys the ever-changing citizen journalism space. He also blogs at

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