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We’ll be discussing the future for Sri Lanka at the club tonight, 24 February at 7 pm GMT/11 am PST. As usual, if you can’t make it to the club in person, we’ll be broadcasting the event live on the Frontline Club live channel or you can watch it on this very blog,

The Tamil Tigers are looking closer than ever to military defeat as government forces continue to overrun the last remaining rebel strongholds in the north of the country. With an end to the military stalemate and the 25 year civil war potentially in sight, what is the future for the LTTE and what are the consequences more generally for Sri Lanka? link

Taking part will be Frances Harrison, freelance journalist and former BBC Colombo correspondent, Charu Lata Hogg, from Human Rights Watch, Pearl Thevanayagam a Tamil journalist living in exile, Raj Jayadevan, from the newly launched Alliance for Peace and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka and Lal Wickrematunge will be joining us by phone from Sri Lanka. He is the managing editor of the Sunday Leader newspaper which was set up by his brother and the Leader’s former editor Lasantha who was assasinated in January, 2009. The discussion will be chaired by Priyath Liyanage is head of the BBC Sinhala Service .

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  1. Hope you have seen the report of Sandra Johnson, link is attached herewith- this is what the true journalism is about.
    In my humble opinion Tamils are suffering because of the catastrophic failure of international intelligence and strategy
    The Sinhala government has infiltrated into recognised international bodies such as UN and Human Rights Watch
    To give you an example;
    In 2007 the people are unable to talk to Sandra Johnson but can you imagine in 2009 people who have left the warzone have informed Ms Charu Latha Hogg from HRW that they have been fired anybody other than LTTE,
    For instance if they say the Srilankan Army fired at them could they escape the brutal forms of torture and killing carried out by the Sinhala army
    This is the example of the ugly part of journalism you have to be a participant of falls propaganda to allow genocides to take place even though the journalist knows what he/she says is incorrect or not the truth, but has to say it to stay on the payroll.
    3 million Jews got massacred because the journalist aided and abetted the Nazi propaganda machinery
    100,000 plus Iraqis got killed because George Bush’s propaganda
    Nothing will change bad journalists other than their wallet

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