“Growing up fast”

Ben Anderson hits Helmand for the Daily Mail,

As a BBC foreign correspondent, I’ve visited most of the world’s war zones – Iraq, Gaza, Congo and many more – but nothing prepared me for what I found when I flew into Kandahar airport to join up with a unit of the First Battalion Grenadier Guards mid-way through their six month tour of duty. Nato forces may be making progress elsewhere in Afghanistan but the grinding relentlessness of the fighting British troops face in Helmand – normally conducted in the most searing, energy draining heat – was something I’d never seen before. link

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  1. Ben, I was just watching this programme about how a folk artist came up to Birmingham and did a gig with some hip-hop guys. The big guy reminded me of Rueben, Natasha’s mate at that flat opposite that dodgy pub on the high street in Bedford, the folk guy of you rummaging through all the obscure records. Look after yourself mate.


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