Smartphone 2Day MOJO Film-Making

This course is a two day workshop taking delegates through all the detail of shooting broadcast quality video on their Android devices, iPhones or iPads.

Workshop: Cybersecurity for Journalists

This day long workshop will equip you with the digital tools and knowledge to protect yourself, your stories, and importantly your sources in a hostile digital environment. No prior experience is necessary.

Investigative journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed – and the risk of being electronically disrupted has never been greater. With the ever increasing accessibility of sophisticated surveillance tools, almost anyone from state-level security services, to corporations and criminals, could attempt to surveil or disrupt your work.

Shoot, record, and edit on your Smartphone

More and more people are now using their smartphones to shoot and create stories whether they are for a short film, multimedia/journalism or corporate content.

This workshop is a hands-on experience which you take you through how to record video and audio, edit your footage and export the content online or social media. During the course you will also get a chance to use a variety of microphones, grips and tripods.

Shoot, Record & Edit on your Smartphone

More and more people are now using their smartphones to shoot and create stories whether that’s for a short film, multimedia stories or other platforms. This workshops is a hands-on experience which you take you through how to record video & audio, edit your footage and immediately export the content online or social media. 

Workshop: Podcasting – producing great content and getting people listening

A day long workshop that covers some of the basic production skills that can help you create high quality original content for your podcast that will make you stand out in the crowd. Deborah Dudgeon and David Prest, of award winning audio producers, Whistledown, will dissect what makes a successful podcast, how to plan it and put it together, and explain some of the simple marketing tools that can ensure your podcast reaches its audience.

Finding Your Voice – A Writing Workshop

This practical one-day workshop, led by Emmy-nominated screenwriter and journalist Hugh Costello, is aimed at writers who have a project they are passionate about but who feel stuck, stymied or becalmed – and are determined to do something about it. The workshop sets out to unlock each writers’ natural writing style, and helps them to choose a genre and tone that works with their voice.

Workshop: Writing for Digital with Jon Bernstein

Writing for digital is exactly the same as writing for print. And completely different. This practical workshop teases out the differences between the two; familiarises participants with the principles of good writing and the fundamentals of storytelling; and explores the best ways to approach digital forms of communication including social media and blogging.

Workshop: Visual Narratives in Documentary Photography

This one-day workshop challenges the boundaries of the documentary tradition and questions the prevailing conventions of storytelling in photography. Subjective or conceptual documentation, diaristic interpretation and metaphorical narrative will be among the methods of visual practice that we will examine during the day. The value of content, and the need to establish a point of view will be encouraged as a mean to challenge the dominant representation, and a way to tell stories with visual narratives closer to a more personal perception of reality.

Workshop: Grant Writing with Donald Weber

From Weber’s recently published book, “War Sands” © Donald Weber

Visual projects require money. Many photographers and filmmakers produce work at their own financial cost. There are, however, plenty of funding sources available from different organisations. These organisations are ready to support image makers providing funding for research, creation, production, travel and living expenses.There is a definitive technique to grant writing, learn this and strengthen your chances of reaching the top of the pile.

Workshop: Introduction to Video Production for NGOs & Humanitarian Storytellers

This one-day workshop is for people working in the NGO sector and non professional videographers and photographers working within the NGO, CSR or media spheres who want to start telling stories through video. You will learn the basics of storytelling and video techniques, how to create an effective video strategy and how to work with professional video producers and teams. We will go over common pitfalls, learn the relevant theory and lingo, and cover practical topics including how to write a creative brief, how to coordinate bigger productions, and how to get your video out there.

Workshop: NGO and Humanitarian Storytelling through Photography

This one-day workshop will teach you how to tell humanitarian stories through photographs for media, NGOs, charities and corporate social responsibility programmes. This is a hands-on photography experience aimed at people working in the NGO sector and non-professional photographers who want to tell compelling humanitarian stories through photos.

Workshop: Ethical Content Gathering for NGOs and Journalists

NGOs and journalists often have to operate in challenging or hostile contexts. Producing quality material whilst maintaining levels of professionalism and sensitivity can be hard. This course will help you navigate through the complexities and give you the confidence you need to bring back a story safely and sensitively.

Workshop: Pitching NGO and Humanitarian Stories

In an increasingly competitive media marketplace, gaining maximum coverage for the issues that matter is key to making sure your stories make a difference. Learn why editors reject or select humanitarian and NGO stories and how to avoid the classic pitfalls. This course will show you how to produce fantastic visually led pitches using the right platforms to ensure maximum coverage and compliments the storytelling courses held in January and March.

Workshop: Making a Podcast – what you need to consider from A to Z

Podcasts are increasingly popular, having proven their appeal to mass audiences through the success of productions such as ‘Serial’ ‘S Town’ and others. They are also connecting niche audiences that share professional and personal interests. This one-day workshop is a follow up to ‘An Introduction to Podcasting, and goes beyond the technical requirements involved in making online audio programmes. It is aimed at those who already know about interviewing and editing, but want to understand more about what it takes to turn an idea into a viable and enduring podcast.

Workshop: Create and Market Long-Form Narratives with Story-Based Inquiry

If you are unsure how to start and finish ambitious projects, or just want to make your work more efficient, this seminar with the creators of Story-Based Inquiry is right for you. This workshop is interactive, using the SBI tools to help participants organise their research material and create an efficient workflow in order to achieve a long-form narrative that will have an impact. Whether you’re working on an investigative story, a documentary or an NGO report, the SBI framework will also help you discover how to build an audience and a market for your work.

Workshop: Interviewing Techniques for Long-form and Investigative Reports

If your purpose in interviewing goes beyond getting a quick quote, then this workshop is for you. It’s about gathering reliable answers and rich detail from human sources. This one-day workshop will help you improve your questioning and listening skills, to recognise important signals, and to save the interview when it gets difficult. In role play you are going to apply techniques that build two key assets:  “the second story”, another name for buried truths; and narratives that can be used to construct powerful scenes.

Workshop: How to Create Op-ed with Authority and Purpose

Good opinion writing should demonstrate credibility and shape minds. Unfortunately, most misses the mark because it is ill conceived, badly executed and lacks a compelling central thought. This interactive, half-day workshop for journalists and communications professionals will give you the confidence to plan, commission and write with authority and purpose. It will uncover techniques for identifying relevant topics and for developing absorbing themes. It will help you build content with a coherent narrative using ‘killer’ supporting evidence. And it will give you the tools to engage the audience from the very first line.

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