[video:youtube:nzK4qyArD1A] Not quite sure what to make of this… Bonegrinders is a play by Melody Von Smith and it opens on 22 February at the Road Less Traveled Theater, Buffalo, New York and runs until mid-March. According to the spiel,

Bonegrinders is the story of a war journalist that returns home after his best friend/fellow journalist has been killed. His odd behavior and an unexpected letter from the dead man serve as catalysts in this witty drama about how we get by in the aftermath of war. link

I’m no theatre critic, but the acting looks… well… ropey, to say the least. Still, it is about war reporting and that is on topic for this blog…


  1. Note from the playwright…
    Funny to find myself on your website, though I do get your weekly e-newsletter and the Frontline Club is mentioned in the play. I am not a war journalist. I became interested in the work and the people who produce it in a roundabout way, starting with a study of Haiti that I undertook as an environmental chemist. I won’t bore anyone with the details; suffice it to say that the more works I read by individuals such as yourselves, the more I came to respect and admire them.

    Though science pays the bills, I’ve been a writer since high school, and my forays into journalism have included mostly science, some investigative, and even such posh jobs as a stint with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. War journalists made all of that seem childish and self-indulgent.

    While Buffalo is not Broadway, please let me defend my actors and say that the segments appearing in the trailer were shot very early on in rehearsal, and very late at night in a bar that was open for business at the time. I would say with confidence that, from an acting standpoint, the trailer is a pale representation of the finished product.

    If anyone affiliated with the Frontline Club happens to be in the Western New York Area, please come see the play and bring a guest, compliments of the Road Less Traveled theater company.

    Be careful out there.

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