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New Militia for Darfur

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[video:youtube:EwgQIeRjCk0] If you thought international efforts to find peace in Darfur were going nowhere, think again. It seems that while I wasn't looking, the "global citizenry" has been organising itself into a force to take on the Janjaweed and Sudanese government. Admittedly at the moment it comprises only Peacepipe Repairman and Kitten but as I understand it they are setting up a forward command centre on the Chad/Sudan border for the World Response Conflict Abatement Team. (They pronounce the acronym as warcat, geddit?) In a bizarre series of communiques they spell out their, frankly, quite well-thought agenda.
"In general terms WRCAT will function as a permanent standing force for the United Nations. WRCAT will be an international pool of military trained civilian security forces that the UN will immeditaely solicit whenever conventional troop levels offered by UN donor nations are inssuficient to resolve conflicts involving mass human siffering, war crimes and all crimes against humanity."
The first mission, continues Peacepipe Repairman, is to support Unamid forces in Darfur. And what I particularly like is their open recruitment policy. Disability is no bar to action.
"Can a person missing one arm use the reamining arm to pull a traumatised mother up off her knees? I say yes. Can a person of deafness respond to the distant cries of a people who have no voice? I say yes."
Conclusions? There are a whole lot of people with time on their hands (notably me - why did I transcribe the whole of communique #5?). Art school projects are much more sophisticated than they used to be. And that maybe smashing up dolls houses is not the most bizarre thing that Darfur activists will do.

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Patti | June 4, 2008 3:17 AM | Reply

I have listened and read the Communique's of Peacepiperepairman and find them to be organized and informative. I give him full credit for carrying out his very dangerous mission to bring peace to Darfur and the area. While most of us sit on our couches watching the nightly news and barely a word is said about the murders and degradation of a people. Yet if their country was rich in oil the UN and other governments would have been quick to react as in the case of Saddam Hussein, but these are but lowly people that need help and there is no one there for them but the people who wholeheartedly care like peacepiperepairman and kitten. At least they can report to us what the National news will not. Maybe we should send Brittney Spears to Darfur then the mass murders might make nightly news since all the papparazzi would follow her.

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