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US Army General challenges the military to embrace new media at Milblogging Conference

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"We need to change the organisational culture of our military. A culture that emphasises control of all pertinent events within our battlespace. And yet the stark realisation is that we cannot control all aspects of this new media..."
This is an extract from a video of Lieutenant General William Caldwell speaking at the recent Milblogging Conference in Las Vegas. The video is essential viewing if you want an insight into the progressive end of US military thinking on new media. [video:youtube:dhmEDtPjuzs] With thanks to Matt Armstrong at Mountain Runner who, in the roundabout way that makes blogging work, pointed me in the direction of the video.

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Anonymous | October 6, 2008 2:46 PM

The other day, I received a couple of emails from Kent, a US Army Officer. He had something to say about this post which I reproduce here with his permission:

"I am impressed by your latest blog entry. But let me emphasize that LTG Caldwell is not fringe-he is a mainstream leader of the Army and in a very powerful position that controls our military schooling.

"To further demonstrate the clout that LTG Caldwell has, GEN Petraeus was in the same positon (commander of the Combined Arms Center) when he led the writing of FM 3-24, the new counterinsurgency manual.

"Here's more from that same conference, showing that the highest levels of the Army support milblogging: