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Arianna Huffington (continued): Surge in Iraq has failed

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After her visit to the BBC, when she criticised media coverage of the war in Iraq, Arianna Huffington has decided to write a blog post explaining why she thinks the military surge in Iraq isn't working:
"...while McCain and the Republicans may have been able to win the PR war among the American media, there is still that nagging problem of the lack of reconciliation among the warring factions in Iraq. Last month's GAO report offered chapter and verse on all the ways the Iraqis have failed to reach the benchmarks that were the actual goals of the surge (see HuffPoster Mitchell Bard's comprehensive breakdown of the report)."

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akinoluna | July 19, 2008 11:49 AM

Another thing that she doesn't mention in relation to the

"success" of the surge is that whatshisname Sadr declared

his ceasefire around the same time. All his goons stopped

fighting! Not because of the surge, but because he told them


So what happens if he says, "have at it!"? Suddenly, the

surge isn't "working" anymore...