Arete Workshop Series: Humanitarian storytelling agency for non-profits and NGOs


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Arete_LogoThe Frontline Club is delighted to announce a partnership with ARETE to deliver a series of workshops which draws on their experience as a leading NGO and humanitarian storytelling agency.

These training opportunities are aimed at people working in NGO and charity communications, journalism and the media, in the UK and abroad, and at times in challenging contexts.

The series may be conceived as a whole. Those who attend all four sessions will gain broad learning outcomes and an overview of the key aspects of content gathering and distribution within non-profit communications and humanitarian journalism.

Each training event is also a stand-alone learning experience. Each one-day session offers focused benefits for those who wish to gain insights into a specific area of content gathering or distribution within the non-profit communications and humanitarian journalism industries.

Arete is committed to telling stories that make a difference. Their workshops teach attendees how to tell the stories that matter, better, and how to get those stories out to the audiences that count.

This series comprises of the following workshops:

NGO and Humanitarian Storytelling through Photography
Thursday 16 November 2017, 09:30 AM – 5:00 PM

This one-day workshop will teach you how to tell humanitarian stories through photographs for media, NGOs, charities and corporate social responsibility programmes. This is a hands-on photography experience aimed at people working in the NGO sector and non-professional photographers who want to tell compelling humanitarian stories through photos.

Introduction to Video Production for NGO’s and Humanitarian Storytellers
Friday 17 November 2017, 09:30 AM – 5:00 PM

This workshop is aimed at people working in the NGO sector and non professional videographers and photographers working with the NGO, CSR or media spheres who want to start telling stories through video. We will discuss what makes a powerful story and an effective video strategy as well as practical information for shoots, taking into consideration budgets, time, security and access. You will get an idea of how to choose and work with professional video producers and teams, looking at various styles best suited to tell your story.

NGO and Humanitarian Content Gathering in Challenging Contexts

Date: TBC

NGOs and journalists often have to operate in challenging or hostile contexts. Producing quality material whilst maintaining levels of professionalism and sensitivity can be hard. This course will help you navigate through the complexities and give you the confidence you need to bring back a story safely and sensitively.

Pitching NGO and Humanitarian Stories
Date: TBC

In an increasingly competitive media marketplace, gaining maximum coverage for the issues that matter is key to making sure your stories make a difference. Learn why editors reject or select humanitarian and NGO stories and how to avoid the classic pitfalls. This course will show you how to produce fantastic visually led pitches using the right platforms to ensure maximum coverage and compliments the storytelling courses held in January and March.