Workshop: NGO and Humanitarian Storytelling through Photography

Standard £165
Freelance/Student £140
Members £115

*Tickets include lunch

This one-day workshop will teach you how to tell humanitarian stories through photographs for media, NGOs, charities and corporate social responsibility programmes. This is a hands-on photography experience aimed at people working in the NGO sector and non-professional photographers who want to tell compelling humanitarian stories through photos.

What you will cover:

  • An introduction to Adobe Bridge (an archiving and captioning program) and Adobe Photoshop (for retouching images),
  • How to caption and send an image ready for editorial use; size, resolution and format,
  • We will talk through five images from each participant and discuss how they could be improved,
  • Using examples, we will look at composition and use of light,
  • Participants will be asked to shoot a short photo story based on what you’ve learnt. This will take between one and two hours. You will then download all images with captions and, with the trainer’s help, edit your photos into a short story which will be presented and critiqued by the group

What to bring:

  • Five photographs for discussion,
  • A digital camera (quality and size not important) or smart phone with camera,
  • A laptop if possible,
  • Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop (CS5) will be used for the training – if participants have this on their laptops already it would be good to bring along.

About the trainer – Kate Holt
Arete is the expert humanitarian storytelling agency for non-profits and NGOs, working with award-winning journalists and content specialists to help tell stories that make a difference. The agency was founded by Kate Holt, a photographer and journalist. Holt trained at the BBC before gaining her first field experience in Kosovo photographing the unfolding refugee crisis in 1999. Since then she has travelled extensively documenting refugees and the effects of war and poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti. Holt and her team have worked with numerous NGOs and UN agencies including UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO, WFP, MSF, ICRC and Oxfam. She is a regular contributor to both the BBC and the Guardian.

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