31 very interesting things: 2. Warchild

[video:youtube:ekigsvTDJXo] Emmanuel Jal was eight when he was handed an AK-47 and told to fight for the southern Sudanese rebels of the SPLA. He escaped Sudan in a bag, smuggled out by Emma McCune, a British aid worker, on a UN flight. Now he is one of Africa’s hottest rappers. His new album is due out in a couple of days and next month he performs at Nelson Mandela’s birthday gig. Warchild is his life story and a seriously good single.


  1. I just read about him in Rolling Stone magazine and can’t wait to check out the new album. Hey, I was thinking Steely Dan would be a good addition to your safari soundtrack…particularly the song “Babylon Sisters”…not sure why.

  2. I’ll definitely check out “Babylon Sisters”. Have some Steely Dan back home in the UK so it could well be right up my street

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